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  • I live in assigned quarters aboard a Federation Starship, but if it's Earth you're talking about I try to get back whenever I can
  • I am not a number!

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This is my contact page. You may post me a message here! Whether it's about this wiki's topic, something I've done, or a message about editing in general etc. Alternately, if your message is not about this wiki's topic, you can send it to me on Community Central. I can help with anything wikitext, HTML and most CSS.

"Dif-tor heh smusma" ("live long and prosper")

Yes, I did create this user template. If you wish to copy it, please go here. Or on the other hand send me a message and I'll show you how to build your own themed creation!

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  • You founded this wiki?! I'm impressed! Mind if I take it over and redevelop it for you? I think I should start by writing judgemental comments on every single page!

    Yeah! That oughta' greenlight the project, right? How many users are on here, anyway? Two? That's a lot of people for a large wiki!

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    • Starfleet Academy wrote:
      Excellent! As I said, we'll start with Wikitext, that is if you have no objections? Please read Help:Wikitext and Help:Wikitext/more examples.

      When you're ready, I'll give an overview of basic formatting. Then we can move onto slightly more advanced stuff, or anything in particular you would like me to cover.

      The idea of the programme is to establish the rules of each language, and then expand into the areas that interest you. Once you have the basics of a computer language, learning the harder stuff is much easier. It's like building in Lego; the more you add the easier it is to get to the finished product. :)

      Wow. You have a severe issue with understanding sarcasm my friend. Unless, you were being so in return! <=P

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    • Sarcasm? Oh the cheek of it! What on this Earth would have given you that idea? xp

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Have no fear, JavaScript will be here...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • !!

    #ExampleId > h1 {
      /* do stuff */
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